Treasure Box

Release Date:  9/21/21; DVD
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Director:  Felicia Rivers
Studio(s):  GeeChee One Entertainment, Maverick Entertainment.
Running Time:  85 mins.

Cast:  Mahogany Darkberry, Timberly K. Simmons

Story:  Treasure a/k/a Princess is Daddy’s main girl that holds the house and the other girls down but her past secrets haunt her as a new girl enters the house.  Source:  Maverick Entertainment.




Imperfect High

Release Date:  9/18/21; Lifetime
Genre:  Drama
Rating:   TV-14
Director:  Siobhan Devine
Studio(s):  Sepia Films, Just Singer Entertainment, Lifetime Television
Cast Nia Sioux (Hanna Brooks), Sherri Shepherd (Deborah), Ali Skovbye (Rose).

Story:  Hanna Brooks (Sioux) is the new girl in town who is looking to find her place and fit in at Lakewood High School, which was rocked a couple of years earlier by the shocking drug overdose of a popular student. Hanna suffers from an anxiety disorder and the move to a new school is especially stressful for her. While trying to fit in with the “it” crowd, she finds herself pulled between two boys – a bad boy with a heart of gold, and an alluring, popular rich kid who is not as straight of an arrow as he seems. Her relationship with them sweeps her into a dangerous situation that her mother Deborah (Shepherd) must fight to save her from.  Source:  Photo Sources:  IMDB.


Halloween Kickback

Release Date:  9/28/21; DVD

Genre:   Comedy

Rating:  NR

Director:  Nelson J. Davis

Studio(s):   Film Architectz, Maverick Entertainment.

Running Time:   70 mins.

Cast:  Nelson J. Davis, Styves Exantus, Shuler King, Tre Williamson, Autumn Read, Rachel Reed, Jalisa McFat.

Story:   Three friends who went through college together find themselves in a financial bind after graduating college. They throw a Halloween party to raise money to get their lives on track.  Source:  Maverick Entertainment.


Colin In Black & White

Release Date:  10/29/21 – Miniseries; Netflix
Genre:  Drama/biography
Rating:  NR
Directors:  Ava DuVernay, Sheldon Candis, Robert Townsend, Angel Kristi Williams, Kenny Leon.
Studio(s):  ARRAY Filmworks, Netflix

Cast:  Colin Kaepernick (Narrator), Jaden Michael (Young Colin Kaepernick), Amarr (Eddie), Mace Coronel (Jake), Howard M. Lockie (Coach Parker), Chris O’Neal (Dwayne), Klarke Pipkin (Crystal).

Story:  The six-episode scripted drama, created by Ava DuVernay and Colin Kaepernick, chronicles Kaepernick’s coming-of-age tackling the obstacles of race, class and culture as the Black adopted child of a white family in Central California. Kaepernick narrates the tale as high school Colin (Jaden Michael) faces adversity on his way to becoming an All-Pro quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers and later a cultural icon and activist.  Nick Offerman and Mary-Louise Parker play Colin’s parents Rick and Teresa, while Kaepernick’s voice guides viewers through historical and contemporary contextual moments.  The series is executive produced by DuVernay, Kaepernick and Michael Starrbury, the latter of whom wrote the series.  Source:  Deadline.


Needle In A Timestack

Release Date:
10/15/21, In Theaters – Limited & VOD; 10/19/21, DVD
Genre:  Sci-Fi
Rating:  R
Director:  John Ridley
Studio(s):  BRON Studios, Creative Wealth Media Finance, Ember20, Montana North Media, Lionsgate
Cast:  Leslie Odom, Jr., Cynthia Erivo, Orlando Bloom, Freida Pinto

Story:  Love is in the form of a circle, what lines would you cross to be with your soulmate? in this gripping, near-future love story directed by Oscar winner John Ridley, Nick and Janine live in marital bliss, until Janine’s ex-husband warps time to try to tear them apart using Nick’s college girlfriend.  As Nick’s memories and reality disappear, he must decide what he’s willing to sacrifice in order to hold onto — or let go of — everything he loves. Can love endure in a future where time is fluid, and all of life may be just an illusion?

The film was adapted by Ridley from a short story by Robert Silverberg, an author who has been inducted into the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame and has won the Hugo and Nebula (awards dedicated to sci-fi literary work) multiple times.  Needle in a Timestack was announced back in 2017, and according to Silverberg, went through a long post-production phase. It is set to premiere on digital, VOD, and in limited theaters on October 15. Blu-ray and DVD editions hit shelves just a few days later, on October 19. Sources:;

The Young And The Ratchet

Release Date:  9/14/21; Tubi
Genre:   Comedy
Rating:  NR
Directors:  Nigel Gabbidon, Devin S. Jones
Studio(s):  Ritemind Productions, Maverick Entertainment Group
Running Time:  95 mins.

Cast:  Becky Babatunde, James Coley, Matthew Boykin-Derrill, Chyne Okonkwo, Malachi Elias, Trevor Roberts

Story:  But what if it’s all a lie? The lessons they teach, the rules you learned, the people you thought you knew? There is no “Heartbreak 101” or Graduate-level Backstabbing courses on the syllabus. Nothing covered in a classroom course can prepare a young adult for the harsh realities of the real world.

Sources:  IMDB; Maverick Entertainment.